Permission denied on new compilation after system reconstruction

Having just had to reconstruct my system in Fedora 5, I now have the new NVIDIA driver running and all the glut and 3ds lbraries in the right place and my software compiles. However, when I try to execute the program I get “Permission denied”. The permissions on the program are 777 and I tried to run and compile as root and as another user.

I swear I have seen this before after another reinstall and hacked around for a couple days until I found the solution, but does anyone have the insight into what is the problem to save me some time… or at least a troubleshooting algorithm.

I turned off the SELinux stuff to get my Xwindows to work in the first place, so I do not think this is do to the new security system.

Thanks for the help.

First, you most certainly don’t have the permissions to access the directory.
Second, AFAIK SELinux is not supposed to be friendly with nvidia drivers.
Finally, this has nothing to do with GL. The best thing should be to post in the linux section even if I’m persuaded this is still not the place (maybe a linux newbie user forum should best fit ?)

Thanks. Turned out that I did the recompilation in the directory where my backups were kept, on another disk, that did not have the right permissions. Everything worked fine when I moved it back to the new main disk.

New drivers and OpenGL working just fine and I have all the hardware acceleration I need with this set of drivers.

Hope I do not need post here for another ouple years.

Au revoir!

Thank God for this archive. I am now up to a new Dell M90… dual processor and getting these errors. Now at least I recall what I did.

For the record, looks like I get 20% performance improvement…M70->m90 with same code.