I notice that if my opengl program goes fullscreen, performance increases – especially with sync on. I suppose the operating system turns events and other things off in this mode? Wonder if the priority level increases? Is spotlight turned off … all the zillions of background processes? Also, with sync on if the window is the front window then its bad. If its a background window then sync is ok. Fullscreen sync is ok too.

Also, if I pull the plug on networking its much faster. Not sure if my switch is going arp but seems like os resources are sucked on networking.

Sort of recall back in os 10.1-10.2 days people would smile when their apps took one or two dock bounces to complete the launch. Seems like similar programs now take about 5 bounces. Photoshop elements takes about 20 bounces! All on an intel quad processor. Maybe its just me…

Operative System, graphics sytem, library…?

Mac os 10.5.2. Mac pro desktop/ quad intel. Nvidia 7300 gt card. Graphics update. ( I liked the graphics update :slight_smile: )

Runs good but I think it could be faster. Seems like a general observation.

I’d hope fullscreen mode , the mac would dedicate itself sort of like a console. People would not want spotlight, cron etc. grinding away in the background etc. :slight_smile:

I know the os is preemptive but all these processes have to sap some performance…just wondering about it.

My understanding is that in full-screen mode, the window server relinquishes a bunch of GPU resources, giving your program near-complete control over the graphics card.

Obviously, other background processes aren’t affected. Allowing that as an unprivileged operation would be a fairly major security hole.

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