Performance under cursor

Hi all…

I’m writing a CAD app for win32 using OpenGL. When drawing more complex scenes in windows under the cursor, performance decreases noticably from when I move the cursor out. The situation is even worse when the same scene uses alpha blending.
If I hide the cursor while drawing the problem disappears, but I’m not at all comfortable with that solution.

This problem I’m getting on two laptops. What’s really bugging me is that other apps seem to get around this.

Any hints on what to do?


Under Windows 2000, and maybe other versions aswell, the shadow from the mouse cursor (best seen if you put the curson on a white area) can cause performance problems. If you have this shadow, try turn it off.

Hey thanks Bob! That may very well explain the recent slowdown I’m seeing in my code. I recently added some extra processing in my render loop. I think I’ve disabled it all again by now trying to find the cause of the slowdown, and still haven’t. I never would have considered the cursor behavior part of the problem … which I also recently changed.