performance texture?


I need to draw a large dynamic texture rectangle (1920x1080 video) on a screen 1280x1024. when I display the texture at the native size, i don’t see all the texture. Can I expect better performance If don’t draw all the rectangle texture but just a 1280x1024 rectangle (if I adjust the texture coordinate ) or the graphic card do an automatic outside parts clipping ? I use fragment shader on the texture and I don’t wants that fragment shader operate on outside screen pixel .


I believe the most overhead here is communication between vid card and rest of the system.

Both clipping and resizing would possibly give similar performance. If you just send the visibile pixels however, there may be a speed win, but you’re loosing something the user may want to see.

Minification filters come at no expense on GPUs, don’t be afraid of them. This is not the CPU world! :cool: