PCI graphics card

I’ve just received my new Geforce2 MX and discovered that it was a PCI instead of the AGP I ordered.
I could have sent it back right away but I took the time to test it.

I tested it on a friend’s computer, replacing his TNT with my new card and …
we discovered that it wasn’t faster than the TNT !!!
It even seemed to be a bit slower (with the same settings in the game).
I tried different drivers with no success.

The question is: is it what I should have expected from a PCI card?

I have a dual ppro 233 with a pci mx and a celeron 464 with a agp tnt. There are apps that the tnt is somewhat faster than the mx because of the agp bus but I have also found apps that are over twice as fast on the mx. If there are multiple lights involved the mx destroys my tnt in framerate.

Screw the GF2 MX… it uses SDR RAM, and that severely hinders the video card when doing any real lighting. Get the Geforce2 GTS, the MX’s superior counterpart. I paid $216 for mine two months ago, but you can definitely get it lots cheaper now. I don’t think they ever made a PCI version of it either. Go and look at Creative Labs for a GeForce2 GTS board. It sucks at benchmarks, but not by much, but it really 0wnz in the actual appz. Go to www.gamersdepot.com to check out the review on the Creative Annihlator 2 (sp?). Really nice card, but it depends on what you’re doing./ You could get the 64 meg version, but it’s not by CL. Just decide for yourself, I apparently can’t

Originally posted by pATChes11:
Just decide for yourself, I apparently can’t

I can’t either:
It’s for a university project (yeh really, it’s not to play games ) and the university pays for it … but they don’t want to spend too much money. I agree that $216 aren’t too much for a GF2 GTS but I can’t afford a card worth more than $120 (and in Europe, this stuff is slightly more expensive).