Pbuffers in different resolutions


I got some problem when i have a 16 bit desktop choosen and tries to create a pbuffer on nVidia 28.32

I just ask for a 32bit pbuffer with depth, no doublebuffer and the format that returns are a very strange high number (like 23213843) that not all all seams like a format number.

Is it only me? or anybody else got this problem? (only me = should check the pbuffer init one more time)


I haven’t tried this myself, but with the 28.32 driver I always get back an antialiased pbuffer (2x, I think) on my GeForce 3. In the previous driver, when I asked for an antialiased pbuffer, it didn’t render correctly. In the 28.32, it renders correctly, but it is antialiased even though I don’t request it to be. When I added code that specifically requested to get one that wasn’t antialiased, I got 0 matches.