Pbuffers, glX, linux, nVidia

Does anyone have a functioning example of pbuffers under glX, that works on Sun or Linux/nVidia-23.13 ?

I have posted an example (in the advanced OpennGL section) that I got working on Solaris. The challenge is still to figure out a Linux/nVidia23.13 functional example.


I am trying to get your code to work. Actually everything seems fine with your code. Its just that ChooseFBConfig returns NULL. Even a glXGetFBConfigs returns NULL. What might be wrong?
I have installed the latest of everything. GLX 1.4 client and server side, mesa 4.0.1, etc.


glXChooseFBConfig() is not the function you’re looking for (unless you’re running Linux on a Sparc or a PPC architecture). Please have a look at this thread : http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/Forum4/HTML/000437.html

On Sun the sample works fine.

On nvidia, 23.13 geforce3-ti500 the only function that doesn’t work correctly is the glXMakeContextCurrent(), This does make sense if nVidias GLX implementation is not quite 1.3, I suppose it would have been better if it just wasn’t in the library, At least the app wouldn’t link and It would be obvious.

The glXChooseFBConfig() returns a perfectly valid set of FB’s, and if the pBuffer specific code is removed and glXMakeCurrent substituted the sample works fine under nVidia.

I will now pursue the suggestion made by Florian, since using the TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_NV approach is how I do it on NT, and I’ll just wait for nVidia to release a newer GLX 1.3 version.

When I get it working I’ll be sure to post it.

Discussion was very helpfull. Thanks.

But I don’t use an nvidia. I have an old hp visualize fx board in here. So Basically I’m software rendering since HP regretfully have declined my request for an X driver. (License has run out)

What I am trying to do is grab some random memeroy, let gl render in to it, and get that memory again for use by an other thread. No window is nescasary. Next to getting no FBConfigs I also got no valid pixmap off-screen windows (old glx 1.2 way of rendering off-screen). So how can I render off screen efficiently?

I just saw the quake2 code. Would getting some shared mem do the trick? Or would that also require a window?

Ops, you’re right Heath, it was all about proper GLX 1.3 support. Apologies…

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