PBuffer under lInux

Has anyone already implemented a pbuffer on a Linux-system? I could not find any example-code so far for glxPBuffers. It would be great if someone would post an example of how to set it up.

BTW: Do the current nvidia drivers support pbuffers? Or do I have to wait for new drivers? (Please give us Linux drivers with OpenGL 1.3 support!!)

I have…kinda The code ‘should’ work
according to all GLX 1.3 documentation I’ve
read. I just have no way of testing it.
I have an nvidia card, and the latest
drivers don’t have GLX 1.3 support (I can’t
even get a glXChooseFBConfig to return w/o
error) nor OpenGL 1.3 support =( So yes,
we must wait…and wait… while all
the windoze kiddies get to play with this
kinda stuff. Unified drivers my ass

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