pBuffer Example Code

Hi all,

I am trying to use pBuffer as a rendering target. However I do not succeed to use the pBuffer as a texture.
Rendering into the pBuffer works fine and

eglBindTexImage(glesDisplay, eglPBufferSurface, EGL_BACK_BUFFER))

also creates no error.

Has anybody successfully used pBuffer and could give me some working example code?
Thank you in advance…

-Best regards, ii7017-


I think that EGL is very similar to WGL.
I found a source of WGL that maybe you want in EGL.(ref 2)

Please see below.

  1. http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/ … exture.txt
  2. http://www.codesampler.com/oglsrc/oglsrc_7.htm
    (Off-screen Rendering Using Pixel Buffers)
  3. http://www.ati.com/developer/ATIpbuffer.pdf

Hi, ii7017

You can get EGL window library and samples at http://www.hybrid.fi/main/download/tools.php

God bless you!

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