PBuffer documentation?

I’ve got the glCarbon1ContextPBuffer sample app from Apple. Is there any documentation about how to use pbuffers on the Mac?

I can’t find aglCreatePBuffer anywhere except in the sample app.


There is still no official spec, but Geoff Stahl posted preliminary documentation in 4 parts to the mailing list on June 22.

Thanks, I’ll look through this.

I want to be on that mailing list, too.


I figured out some stuff, so I’m editing the following post, so people see my answer (in []) as well as my questions. :slight_smile:

The info in those posts seems to be using CGL instead of AGL. I’m working with AGL, just because that’s what the original OpenGL (not using PBuffers) in our code and the sample app I have are using.

Is there a good AGL vs CGL description somewhere?

My aglCreatePBuffer() call is failing. When I pass the error to aglErrorString, it says “invalid numerical value”. I’m not sure if that is a complaint that glErrorString can’t figure out my error value, or if there is some problem with a value in aglCreatePBuffer. (The error is 10008, or 0x2718.)

[Turns out that 10008 is kCGLBadValue. I believe this is because my width and height aren’t powers of 2. I don’t want to use the PBuffer as a texture, so hadn’t thought of that limitation. I’ll have to see whether I can pass in a different target than GL_TEXTURE_2D.]


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