Pbuffer as back buffer?

Is there any way to attach a Pbuffer as the back buffer? (blit pbuffer->framebuffer front)

The pbuffer is floating point BTW (frame buffer is standard 32bit 8-8-8-8).

This is on a Radeon 9700.


Generally the way you do this is with “make current read”, and then do a glCopyPixels. The other option is to make the pbuffer and texture, and draw a quad.


I tried CopyPixels, but it just crashes. (driver bug perhaps?)

Ok… Nevermind, I got it to work (had to change the double buffer settings).

Well, it should never crash unless you feed it a bad pointer. Please mail either devrel or myself off-line with a description of the crash if possible.


I’ve emailed you a simple application that shows the problem.

glCopyPixels() doesn’t take any pointers, so I can’t think of any reason that it would be allowed to terminate the app.

Sorry for any confusion about my post. The comment about pointers was intended as a general statement about when a user’s mistake is allowed to cause termination. Also let me ammend my statment and say that the user passing in a bad index or offset for a pointer is also allowed to cause termination.