Path Tracer / Scanline hybrid

Hello all,

I would like to share a path tracer / scanline rasterizer hybrid I made.

It is noise-free, and runs at 60 fps at 1280x720 resolution. Note that this is without any sort of acceleration structure for ray traversal! (that is coming soon :))
Full blown global illumination, fully dynamic!

How it works:

I started with my deferred shading engine. I then compiled the scene into a TBO and sent it to the tracer shader. The shader uses the GBuffer for the first bounce, and traces the triangles thereafter.
I then use a bilateral filter to blur the noise away while preserving edge details, and then I combine it with the existing image. After that, I touch up the image with FXAA.

Here is the result (I can’t post directly, since there seems to be a size restriction):

I will release a demo soon!