pasting 2D on 3D

Not sure what i’m doing wrong, but:

I start in a MODELVIEW matrixmode.
translatef(), a few rotatef()'s and a scalef();
Draw lotsa 3d stuff, 100% as expected.
Now I want to dump some 2D images on to the screen for the user interface.

So what I do next is this:
switch to PROJECTION matrixmode.
pushMatrix, loadIdentity.
draw a textured quad, then
pop the matrix and return to modelview mode.

Problem is:
The 2D textured quad Is rotating according to the roatates in the beginning, and if my rotation about the x-axis is non-zero, the bottom half of the quad is clipped.

If I counter the rotations prior to drawing teh textured quad, the entire thing is clipped if my x-rotation <> 0. z-rotation dosn’t cause the clipping.

Am I missing something obvious?

All help appreciated.


Not to worry folks.
Push matrix before doing 3d stuff, pop it before starting 2d stuff.

Thaught I’d tried that earlier. Must be a chair/keyboard interface glitch.