Particles without masking

I want to use the particle effect in my program. I found some tutorials on the nehe.gamedev and gametutorials but tutorials use blending and masking techniques to emulate theparticle effect. No doubt it is one of the fast and easy-to-understand-implement way. But say i used this technique and placed the shower of such particles at certain co-ordinate. Now when i am looking the particles exactly from the front (or position has z-co-ordinate before particles for that matter) everything looks fine. But when position goes at same z-location as that of particle and when view is on the particle they show their real shape… square instead of circle which we were making(circle) by using masking.
I only want the possible solution or any other method to do particles.
Thank u for reading this…Hope u’ll help me.
ur friend Oglix

For my particles, I load an image of a circle with fading edges as a texture, then apply the texture to a GL_QUAD.
This will look fine from one direction, but from any other direction, it will look backwards, or the particles may looked squished or flattened.
You will need to use a 'billboard’ing technique on the GL_QUAD to make it always face the camera.