Particle Engine

Hey Everyone! Does anyone know of a GOOD particle Engine tutorial for the ****ty macintosh operating system. Unfortunately, I have to learn it for the Mac OS, and so far, I have been VERY unsuccessful with that. If anyone could help in that area, it’d be great. Oh and btw, I already check NeHe’s Tutorials and they didn’t work at all…oh well

There’s nothing OS-specific in a particle system. You can learn from any particle tutorial. Here 's one. At least there’s source for Mac available.

Be careful with pre OSX Mac OpenGL implementations… I hear they dont have as much support for OpenGL, maybe you have found one of the gaps. I suppose you aren’t using OSX yet, since you have such high esteem of your “s**tty mac OS”

The only thing that would be remotely platform dependant about a particle engine would involve threading, processes, and CPU-specific optimization (includes little/big endian byte order). The algorithms don’t change and extensions support should be the same across all driver-supported platforms (I’ve never seen it, but some claim to notice small descrepencies).

Bob I followed your link to NeHe and downloading the source code for the mac, and yet, it still failed to function. There came TONS of errors about not knowing what ‘bool’ is – I changed it to GLboolean, and it then knew what it was - and then it didn’t know what ‘FALSE’ or ‘TRUE’ was, even though I included the header file for all that! I do have mac OS X 1.5.1, but it still is not functioning…any advice???

bool (lowercase) is a C++ keyword - if it doesn’t recognise that then you were probably compiling it as a straight C file and not C++. TRUE & FALSE aren’t defined for GLBoolean, it’s GL_TRUE and GL_FALSE. Or, if you end up compiling it for C++ you can use true & false (lowercase) as long as you change your GLbooleans back to bool.

Hope that makes sense.