partial cylinders

Is there a function in the glu library like gluPartialDisc() but instead of a disc it is a partial cylinder? If not, how would I code a partial cylinder, i.e. a cylindar that has an arc length of pi/3?


void gluCylinder(GLUquadricObj *qobj,
GLdouble baseRadius,
GLdouble topRadius,
GLdouble height,
GLint slices,
GLint stacks)

I know about that function, but it does not provide a means of producing half, or a quarter of a cylinder; it only produces the entire 360 degrees of revolution. Any ideas?

Instead of using glCylinder, is it possible to draw two arcs and two lines connecting them and then fill in the resulting shape?

hate to say this, but i think the only way of doing that is by using a bezier patch (see NeHe tutorials) or a NURBS patch. I kinda wish there was a function that did that.