parsing question for obj reader

for anyone who knows a wavefront obj file knows that sometimes in the same file you may have a face like this f 1/2/3 or a face like this f 1//3 or f 1. The first is a face with a vertex, texture and a normal. The second is a face with a vertex and a normal and the third is a face with just a vertex.

i would like some sugestions as to how I go about checking for these differences. for right now my reader only reads faces with only a vertex or a face with all three.
thanks for the help.

p.s i know there have been alot of questions about object reader and i have read them all. None of them however check for these differences.

Just keep some flags. Face data always comes at the end, so if you read some vertices and normals set a vertex and normal flag so you know to only read in those face indices.

Old GLman

I have to disagree with you GL Man. Face data does NOT always come at the end. It comes at the end of the current group.

Your right, forgot about that. But it doesnt really matter, face data comes after verts, tex coords, and normals. Either way, keep some flags.

Old Glman