P.O.V. button on Joystick?

Hi all,

 I'm building a Flight Simulator for a college project and I'm using a Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick to control the aeroplane. 

I’m using the glut function “glutJoystickFunc(…)” to process the joystick input.

My question is this: Is there any way to register the user pressing the Point Of View button on the top of the joystick. OpenGL doesn’t seem to be registering the movement of this button/switch. I want this button to allow the user to look in different directions.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Answer me god damn it!!!

You’re right. OpenGL won’t register the button. That’s because OpenGL is a graphics API!

Now, it appears that you are using glut for your windowing, so your problem is actually that glut isn’t detecting the joystick. I haven’t done much with glut and joysticks so I can’t help you too much. But you might want to look at DirectInput or something similar for your joystick handling instead of relying on glut for it.

Here is an answer:
Really don’t know if there is support for it, there maybe through extension support in glut with deviceget?

You can have four button’s, X,Y,Z axis (z sometimes is used for trottle).

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Answer me god damn it!!!

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