Override headtracker information

Can we override the headtracking information of a connected headset, so that we can use our own headtracker?
We want to use a headset inside a closed motion simulator. The headtracker of this headset uses (like most if not all headsets) the fusion of gyros, acceleration sensor and some optical sensor. But this fusion does not work because the cabin is moving. The gyros and acceleration sensors do not match with the optical sensor. Therefore we want to use our own headtracker. If the headset supports OpenXR, will it be possible to override the headtracking with our own sensor?
If so, does the time warping still works okee?

You would need to work with the runtime vendor to do this, since this is essentially a “hardware detail”, and there is no standard way in OpenXR to do this (overriding head tracker data from the application side).

One option would be adapting the open-source “Monado” runtime, if you’re on Linux or willing to fund or contribute a Windows port: monado.freedesktop.org