overlay problem


can any one tell me is there any openGL driver need to be installed for overlay underlay planes to run in vc++.

On what card?

If you read NVidia’s driver README.txt, you’ll find that on NVidia, overlay planes only work on Quadros (excluding NVS), and with a lot of limitations/assumptions on use with other features.

So in general, your average Joe Blow gamer isn’t gonna have these, on an NVidia card.

Your average CAD guy? Maybe.

can u plz tell me wt s that quadros exactly??..and wt are al dose limitatios or assumptions tat u r telling abt…can u plz clear m out…

Go here: www.nvidia.com and select Products->Quadro. Quadro is NVidia’s professional line of graphics cards. Like FireGL for AMD/ATI IIRC.

I searched abt dat quadros, and found that NVIDIA Quadro FX series support overlay planes…and u saying that other than NVs all do support this concept??..or s only the quardo fx series gonna support?? plz let m know if it s dat so…

Don’t know for sure. I haven’t used overlay planes since waaay back on SGIs. An ATI and/or Intel user will have to chime in here if they do and on what boards. On the AMD site, “opengl overlay planes” is mentioned:

…or s only the quardo fx series gonna support??

Again, I have no first hand information, but the NVidia driver README says overlay planes supported by all Quadros except Quadro NVS.

thanku 4 ur kind information…i vl go thrugh tis …bt can u plz tell me how can i download the total package of openGL…which supports all api’s…??

Please, do not post the same question multiple times, just continue here about how to download complete OpenGL package.