Over 400 errors when trying to compile/use gl.h

Basically, I’m using gl.h with Visual C++ 2005 and when I go to compile my game I get over 400 errors from gl.h. I’ve taken a screenshot from the errors, and while it isn’t all of them, pretty much repeat over and over, just from different lines.


The weirdest thing? It appears if I try to compile other games (coincidentally, a much earlier build) the game works fine. The main difference is that I’m using DirectX to handle keyboard input (it’s a university project, I’m not really in control of what I can and cannot use), but surely that wouldn’t affect OpenGL, would it? It compiles at Uni, and it hasn’t been modified at all.

So, any suggestions? Any help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Try including <windows.h> before gl.h

Sorry for the late reply, but many thanks for the advice, it worked!

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