Outlines to 3D objects ?


I am a bit of a newie to opengl so I hope I haven’t jumped into the wrong group.

I have the description of an object as a series of closed outlines. Each outline falls within a plane and the planes are all parallel. What is the best approach to rendering this object using opengl.

it depends on what you wich to see.
i think the most frequent application of cross sections is volumetric rendering.

look for skinning algorithms, they let you build a polygon mesh from countours.

also look for the marching cubes algorithm, wich is usually implemented in medical applications, used to extract surfaces from CT or MR volumetric scans.

there is an explanation of marching cubes algo in the book “adavanced rendering and animation techniques” by alan and mark watt.

i hope it helped you…

Thanks this is a helpful starter.

If anyone knows of sites or algorithm covering these it would be great to hear of them.

Keep well.