OT: What would you do?


I’m at crossroads here.

I am in the 3d feature film movie industry and I like anything that has to do with 3d graphics programming. While I’m fairly satisfied with the movie industry, I’m more curious as to the work in the realtime world. Given my track record, would you choose to join a company that is realtime 3d and be at a disadvantage as far as knowing OpenGL really well, or would you stay in the movie industry and continue to experience 3d graphics the “non-realtime” way?

if you have some time, try it at home as hobby first and look if it is great after some time, too… if so, i would look around, but dont give your job away for everything, it can be the biggest fault in your live…

Stability is a concer too in the graphics business. I guess your decision should be also based on that…


I recently “dropped out” of the 3D animation biz to devote my time to learning windows/3D/game programming. If you’re happy with what you’re doing, stick with it. Personally, I found I just didn’t care for it any more.