OT: Wanna make a game

I’m interested in joining up with some folks to make a some sort of a video game. I understand this is not the place to bring something like this up so if you know a better place to post something like this please point me there. However if some of you folks would like to get together on some thing like this, I’d like to hear that too.

I’m not totally unexperienced with making games cause I did make a horbile/buggy 3d shooter about a year ago. About the only good thing is that it had all the neccessary element to actually classify as a 3d shooter such as the graphic, physics, AI, and networking all packaged up into something that made quake 1 look good. Actually I didn’t do everything since it was my senior design project (for college) and I was on a team of 4.

Anyways I’m pretty open to any type of game right now. I’d prefer it done totally in C since I really don’t like all that class stuff in C++, but I guess if someone really wants to use C++ I can adapt. Also I’m open to just about any type of game. I’m kinda looking to do something besides a 3d shooter. Also I’d be willing to join a project that’s already been started.