OT - Trade Up

Now THIS is cool:

NVIDIA really needs to do this also. I would like to get the NV30 but unless I can sell my gf4 ti for no less than $200 looks like I wont be able to.

If NVIDIA doesn’t start doing a trade-up program, looks like I’ll just start buying ATI GPUs.


Bah, this is no deal at all. From the looks of it, they sell their cards at full MSRP and high shipping costs, and give you a $50 discount for sending in your current graphics card.

Why don’t you just go to pricewatch and get a Radeon 9700 for $321 instead of sending ATI $350 plus your Geforce4?

– Zeno

Only $50…that’s not that good. I only read that page I posted so I just figured we could get more. Pfft! Also I thought that you can only trade up if you give them an older ATI card. Hmm…but now that I read it again I guess I took what they said the wrong way, and really any GPU you give them will work.

Well heck, I thought this was going to be better than this. I’m better off ebay’ing my card and using that money (which will be more than a measly $50) toward a newer card. I’ll probably end up keeping my gf4 and waiting for the NV40 or something.


It’s not even a bad deal if you don’t live in North America… (

Register as a developer if you can and get a 40% developer discount, that’s rougly $250 for a Radeon 9700 including shipping. I have one on the way.

Oh my goodness! That’s cool! I guess NVIDIA wouldn’t give a 40% discount for registering as a dev would they? Well that’s good to know about ATI doing that, VERY good to know.


I’d wait for nv30, if I were you. You don’t want to get into all that ATI lark, believe me - not if you value your sanity

Well if I do manage to be able to sell my gf4 ti for no less than 200, then I will get the NV30. This is what I have been planning for quite a while now.