OT - TGA File format ...

Sorry to post this in here, but I’m likely to get a quick answer.

I need to get an accurate description of the Targa file format. and tonight of all nights, Wotsit.org has gone down!

I have found some, which all agree with a file spec which I know to be wrong (The Graphics File Format Page (2D specs))

Any help is much appreciated!

PS … This sucks - Photoshop doesn’t support compressed Targas. And PaintShop Pro doesn’t support 32 bit Targas!

So I need some more software to save Compressed 32 Targas. Any ideas?


Forget the file format … Wotsit reappeared!

But does anyone know off the top of there head a (free) graphics prog the save 32 bit RLE TGA files?

Hello Shag!!!
I don’t know a program saving 32bit RLE TGA’s but i know a program which convert image files to this file format.

ACDSEE or 3DExploration (if you want to convert 3D models also).

They are wonderfull tools and i am using them for the reason you want to use them. Making images to Photoshop and converting them to formats i cam load…


Thanks … but I’ve decided to do it the better way! Create my own file format, and preprocess the image file first - that way I can gurantee the right format, the file size will be smaller, It won’t need extensive checking to make sure the files are of the right format, and it will load slightly faster!

What I’m doing may well be downloaded too - so a small file size makes sense!

The file format will be something like:

Colour Depth
+RLE encoded image data

It does make much more sense … I think I ought to look at writing import/export filters for PhotoShop. What fun … NOT!

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