OT: Some Cg effects not working

Hey people.Sorry for posting this here but I know that the nVidia devs are here all the time.

I’ve installed the Cg effects browser and I JUST got my new LeadTek GeForce4 Ti4600. But some of the effects are still not working.Notably, the Dot3 effects, all the bumpmapping effects,all the shadows effects and a couple here and there.What’s wrong? I’m assuming that all these effects should work on a GeForce4 no problems (the DX8 samples work just fine) Any ideas?

Download the latest drivers from NVIDIA’s web site.

Are the effects disabled or do they just not run at all? If they are disabled, try clicking File -> Rescan For Effects and they should show up correctly.

Several of the cg effects (but not all) crash the cg browser on my Geforce3 with the latest official drivers (29.42). Is this what you’re experiencing?

– Zeno

They were disabled.But that “Rescan for effects” did the trick! Thanx!