OT: Seeking Info on Arcade Versions


I am having a very difficult time finding information about arcade version games. I’ve tried a lot of the game sites and siggraph.org and maybe I haven’t been searching correctly on siggraph but I can only seem to find papers/articles about ergonomics of console or handheld games. This is probably cause arcades are dying and perhaps the older papers are not in the archives but I really need the information. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Thank very much!


Of course this might not have the information you require (Namco have only been making Arcade games for many years now - so very few people have heard of them). Asking for “Information on Arcade Games” is like asking for “Information on Computers”.

And there’s a link on the main page of this site that talks about nVidia’s latest efforts in Arcade systems.

Ironically, Namco is one of the companies whose games I was looking for ergonomic information on. I agree I made a mistake leaving the word ergonomic off of the title on the post being in a hurry.

Thank you.

If there is any other info anyone knows of, I would appreciate any links/leads.

Thank you.

Putting “OT” in front of the subject line does not make your question on-topic. Google is your friend, and if not there are other forums like GameDev.net or flipCode that are probably more appropriate for this type of question.

– Tom