OT - SceneLib

Does anyone know if SceneLib (http://www.marcus-software.ch/) is still alive, or if the author is contactable (I already tried website’s email address) or if there is a similar DLL based library? Excuse the OT post but I assumed people in this forum might be the best chance). Thanks.

Dunno what scenelib did for you, but there are other dll based software scene graph products although they lack some of the application level GUI SceneLib apparently had.

Try this:

Hi dorbie, thanks for your reply. I’ve checked out a lot of scenegraphs (and 3D engines) including OSG but I don’t program in C++. SceneLib seemed to be the only off-the-shelf library that is (was?) supplied as a dll that I could immediately use from any language, including BASIC type languages. I was also impressed with the speed SceneLib ran on my ageing 200MHz notebook. It’s a pity that it appears neglected/ abandoned by it’s author.