OT - recommended NV drivers

Can anyone recommend a ‘working’ revision of NV drivers? the official 41.09 are crap!


The inofficial 42.86 drivers seem to be fine and have some new OpenGL extensions I have never seen before. Download from www.3dcenter.de

I have 41.09 installed and I’ve noticed that there are performance issues.

Maybe that’s what you mean by crap?

Please be more specific.
I’m either going back to the older one or the 42.xx

Well, the 41.09 produced a TON of NV errors, so I finally found the 42.68 (dated 2/10/03) from guru3d, that don’t have those blasted NV errors in event log, and don’t crash out via BSOD. At least so far

And yes, this is on the same games/aps/utils.

Wonder why nvidia hasn’t updated drivers on their site yet? P.S, I really, really wish they would have a openGL refresh rate override like they do for D3D stuff…

You mean this. I think a good NT book would help. I’m guessing “general software …” and the rest could be an ID.

GR SW Notify Error on 0002 beef5601 00000096 000003f0 00002402 00000002

it doesn’t cause any crashes on mine and according to my logs, the last one occured Jan 30, 2003

which is odd since I used them until a couple of hours ago.

Let me clarify crap then

The 41.09 drivers produce strange visual artifacts in Quake 3 (the only game i own) and they do seem to suffer from a problem with performance.

I updated to several 42 point somethings, and they REALLY screw up everthing rendered with openGL. I can only describe the effect as equivalent to serious depth buffer artifacts … but without a depth buffer enabled. Also, in quake 3 the entire graphics seem to tear everywhere, as is there’s a sync problem … but if I vid_restart the problems go away.

The ‘over 40’ drivers also occasionally screw up the windows desktop - rendering windows either semi transparent (but not quite the same as the transparancy setting within the drivers), or freezing the desktop for brief periods, then failing to draw the mouse correctly! Everything works fine with older drivers.

I really don’t want to go back to the older 3.x drivers. But looks like I might have to, unless anyone has any ideas.

PII350 @ 392Mhz
GeForce 256 DDR
WinXP Pro


Guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve had no problems with 41.09, except when running SoftImage XSI. But in Quake 3 things couldn’t be better on my GF3 Ti 200.

Yeah, those errros… I got like 500+ of them in my log:
GR SW Notify Error on 0001 d3d05601 00000096 0000021c 00284024 00000002

Nvidia said that these are a ‘feature’ of the new series of drivers.

Most of these happen in DX games though, I tried Splinter Cell (1st demo), enclave, and like 5 other demos, and 41.09 went nuts with the logging of the errors. The 2nd Splinter cell demo causes a BSOD in nv*.dll, forgot exact name though. No issues at all so far with the same demos in this driver version.

I have 42.86 installed and cannot managed to get NV30 emulation to run… The extensions appear in the extension string but it looks like they are not actually working!

I read somewhere that 42.86 was actually a “hack”: possibly pieces of different drivers brought together… That could explain my problem.