OT : nv gl driver pb (40.x)

Sorry for the OT :
Tried both 40.41 and 40.71 nv driver, and since then all gl apps throws a “nVidia OpenGL driver” error message saying “Driver component sizes mis-match.”
The card is a GeF3Ti500, under w2k sp2.
When reverting to 30.82, all is ok.
I tried to install the same driver at home, and they worked seamlessly.
I tried and redownloaded the drivers a dozen time, from different sources.

Anyone at NV can help me with this ?
Note : no antivirus during install, no download manager, and tried removing old driver before.

I recently read about somebody else having the same problems, but I can’t remember how he solved it. I think he did a complete driver deinstall, manually deleted all remaining release 30 files from the system directories and then reinstalled the release 40 drivers.
I also think he installed service pack 3 for Win2k.
Good luck.

Hi again, asgard :wink:
I do have tried to manually delete ALL nv file in my system. And sp is sp3 at work, sorry (i’m sp2 at home).
Strangely, I do a simple install (no delete) at home and it ran fine. And here at work, splash !
Eventually, is there any software that can completely remove old nvdriver ?
Matt ? What is the real meaning of this error ?

Try detonator destroyer, it should remove all old driver files.

You can get it at: http://www.guru3d.com/detonator-destroyer/

If anything, this error message is probably stopping you from getting a BSOD or the like.

Your nv4_disp.dll and nvoglnt.dll are probably mismatched. The two must be the same version. Maybe Windows File Protection is getting annoyed at you and replacing one with an incorrect version.

  • Matt

I think I read somewhere that WinXP SP1 decided to start protecting nv4_disp.dll (the NVIDIA GDI/DDraw driver). So if you delete it, Microsoft will resurrect it from the dead and potentially cause a mismatch.

Have you tried going into Add/Remove Programs and deleting “NVIDIA Display Driver” (or whatever it’s called)? That would be my recommendation whenever you change between significant driver revisions (or get into other trouble). After the add/remove, it should go back to VGA mode and then you can plug and pray, or install the new driver.

The funniest thing about this is every time I do this on my systems, Windows reports that my display driver is used only “Rarely”. It’s not like I’m on the NVIDIA OpenGL development team or anything. :slight_smile: