OT - My LightEngine prog

Could I get a few of you with geforce cards (sorry ATI only users ) to test my lighting program here? I would like to see how it runs on other peoples machines compared to mine. Since this link is a geocities link you’ll probably have to copy and paste it into your browser.

This file is just under 2MB.



On a GF2 MX I see a clipped floor texture that might be bump mapped and a point that appears and disappears. May be depth buffered against some scene geometry that fills the screen but is all very abstract. Clearly something is not working here.

Well i’m using vertex programs (4 of them to be exact) and since your running it on an MX its of course being emulated so that may be causing the geometry problems you see.

Actually the program really doesnt work for me. Its kinda bumpy but its not right at all. I was just wondering if by some chance it would work on someone else’s machine. I have looked through this code like zillions of times and i can’t seem to see what im doing wrong. Its painfully annoying me.

Here is the source if anyone would like to have a looksee. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could take a look. Thanks again.


No light on my GeForce3 Ti 200: click for a screenshot

Well heck thats what it looks like on my system. Looks like so far that its not just my system that its messed up on.

Welp, i just got an email from geocities telling me there has been a LARGE amount of data transfer from my site which has gone way over my limit. Thanks for killing my site guys! j/k.


Whats wierd is that in my rendering functions i use glVertexAttrib to pass the tangent space stuff to the vertex program but if i comment those calls out, the prog still runs the same. But, i look at the code that makes the tangent basis for each poly and it looks correct. Kinda wierd. I guess ill re-write that part and see if it turns out any better. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well i made an output log in my program and in Ronald Frazier’s per pixel program to output all the T, B, & N vectors for each poly and i noticed they are both the same. I kinda figured my tangent calcs were ok. Something is really wicked with this prog of mine.