OT: Moving to Linux

I am trying to switch platform from win32 to Linux for my upcoming apps and games.

I need to know if there are any good Dev Studios available for Linux or do I have to keep track of everything myself

Sorry if this is somewhat OT.

Welcome to the world of ‘make’. For good or evil that is the unix way.

There are some ide’s around, but they are not so much the norm.

Emacs is used somewhat like a Dev Studio, you may look into it.

While I personally loathe "IDE"s and go for XEmacs/make myself, kdevelop is often mentioned as a “Visual Studio”-alike.

Ok, thanks

I cant wait to get my hands coding on Linux.
The days of M$ is numbered.

I am tingeling with joy

I did this (coding under Linux) before 5-6 months. For now I can tell you, that I like it very much, and I use kdevelop as ide with customzed makefiles. I started with the GNU make manual ($info make).
Kdevelop is bit buggy and not so convient as MS VS, but at least I can debug (visual) with it . Emacs seems to complex for me (too many shortcuts to remember ), but I’ve heard that it is the ide with most functionality.
By the way if you want to write GUI apps which are compatible with Windows, use wxWindows - it is LGPL, and I now like it more than MFC.
Good luck!

Thanks Martin.

I guess I should learn to use emacs because thats what Linux 1337 coders use.
I used emacs at the university a couple of years ago so it should not be any problem to relearn it. (It just a notepad for crying out loud. )

My master plan is to wipe M$ off the face of the world. But for this, we need our battleships: Linux, OpenGL and Games.

I reckon my cause is a good one.

Yes, there are plenty of IDE’s;
KDE Studio
Too mention a few, and then there’s emacs of coarse.
I personally prefer Anjuta, I use emacs occationally though.


KDE Studio


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