[OT] Modules' options in XF86Config

Hello, I installed the Nvidia OpenGL drivers for my distribution. In the README file it was said that the driver module could be modified by a few options listed. I’m interested in the “NoLogo” option; the docs describe it as:

Option “NoLogo” “boolean”

My problem is that I don’t know how boolean values are written in XF86Config: (“on” or “off”, “0” or “1”…) Anybody knows?



$ man XF86Config


Example: the following option entries are equivalent:

Option "Accel"   "Off"
Option "NoAccel"
Option "NoAccel" "On"
Option "Accel"   "false"
Option "Accel"   "no"

Thank you very much… I forgot there was a man page for this, sorry.


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