[OT] How to render dxf-files (acad 2000 - ver) correctly


i need a description how to render dxf-files (acad 2000 ver) correctly. Reading the dxf-format into my own data-structure is no problem. Block-inserts are also well done. But a few dxf-2000-files will not be displayed in the right way, so there must be details i don’t know about. I did a google-search but without success. Maybe someone in the list can give me a hint or an url where to find informations on rendering dxf-files.

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Do you have a copy of dxf spec downloadable from autodesk?
I know it is hard to read, but nothing more details can be found outside the spec.
With the few details you provided, it is not very hopeful we can provide any clues.
My suggestion: Load the dxf into autocad, then figure how the incorrect part is organized. Using the same way, create a very simple model, and debug it with your software.

the maxsdk has some dxf importer/exporter sources included. take a look at them.
or just try asking at AUTODESK.

Where can I find the maxsdk ?