[OT] GF4 and N30 emulation /linux

This is off topic, but since I don’t know if the NVidia guys review the linux forum…

I got a gf4 2 months ago: can I expect linux drivers with NV30 emulation as in the detonator 40 windows drivers shortly, or will ARB_vertex_program be a windows-only extension for gf4 owners? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I should have watched the NVidia FTP before posting.

who’s installing the thing

Hummm… These new drivers do not expose ARB_vertex_program :’(

goto first_post :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless someone from NVIDIA has a better answer, the only thing I can say is : please be patient.

Wait for the next release of NVIDIA drivers for linux and cross your fingers. If the next release doesn’t expose OpenGL1.4 features and/or ARB_vertex_program, then wait for the next release. It will come sooner or later (hopefully sooner).