OT: Flood Control??? - just venting

No response necessary!!!

I just made 2 posts within 60 seconds - lost what I wrote and got this message!!!

Sorry! We have flood-control activated. You cannot post within 60 seconds of your last post. Please try again after this period of time elapses.

Did that just start or something???

Try to be helpful and thankful at the same time…

Hi !

That has been there all the time, it’s nothing new, and it’s actuallt pretty good as it prevents some people from clicking on “Submit reply” 15 times when nothing happens immediatly…




You should have hit the back button of your browser. Sometimes your text will still be there, so it wouldn’t have necessarily been lost for good.

Yep, I hit the back button but it was blank. Oh, well. I re-replied anyway, and hopefully helped the person out.