OT: Det drivers 28.32

I seem to have a wierd problem here. I just downloaded and installed the new 28.32 drivers, yet when i go into the display properties it still says i have version 27.42. The whole line is this: And yes i did restart after installing the drivers. I even tried reinstalling them again but no luck. Any one else have this problem? I have a GeForce 4 Ti 4400 and i am running XP btw.


well did you uninstall your old drivers first before you installed the new ones?

secondly it might just be they forgot to change the string…

Strange… I’m on Win2000 and after installing those same drivers, without uninstalling the previous drivers, I got the correct version numbers reported in my Display Properties.

I hope that additional info helps.

No i didnt uninstall the old drivers before i installed these. Maybe what ill do is tell windows to use a default video driver, reboot of course, then try and installing these det drivers again.


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