[OT] Clustered BF Culling

I saw once an article on clustered back face culling, using groups of face normals insthead of single face normals, but I can’t find it anymore.
Do some1 remember the url of that article ??
Thanks in advance.


The paper actually titled “Clustered backface culling” isn’t in there, but look for “Fast backface culling using normal masks” by Zhang & Hoff, or “Hierarchical back-face culling” by Kumar et al.

– Tom

I once wrote an article on that. It’s at http://members.shaw.ca/jordanisaak/grouptriangleculling.htm


Thanks, even if it’s not exactly what I ment, it’s intereseting.
My idea was to build clusters of triangle soups, every cluster for a class of face normals.
So to check the clusters insthead of the single normals.
The only difference in my idea the faces doesn’t need to be near each other.