ordering code

Hi all,
I’ve started at a fresh to order my opengl code. It’s panned out in a lot of auxillery-stuf, but everytime I employ opengl-stuff the compiling does not respond as expected.
I’ve ordered my consol-project (code::blocks) so neat that all the ‘technical opengl-stuff’ is wrapped inside a class of it’s own … and executes nicely (from consol main{}) when I instantiate an object and starts it going. I ‘would’ like to make a shared library out of that class, but there the fun stops. There’s no way that I can get anything going without the close presence of a consol-execution …
The latest errors on compiling the class is an endless list :
cannot export … >chars and recognizable opengl-function names< … missing symbol
I assume that it’s not doable, but please tell me that I’m wrong ;o)


I don’t know what you mean by “order my opengl code” in this context. It sounds a bit like you’re having some compilation issues, but I can’t fathom what that has to do with “ordering”.

It sounds like you’ve written some kind of class that perhaps uses OpenGL. And you’re trying to run it from the “consol”. And that seems to work. But then you’re trying to make a shared library out of it. And that doesn’t work, maybe? I don’t know what “without the close presence of a consol-execution” means.

Also, please put spaces between your paragraphs.

hi Reinhardt,
Yes, I’m having compilation issues. I’ve tried out opengl-code for a while, to get a gist of the whole thing. It works, but it’s a mess, so I’ve desided to use it as a copy/paste base and start over from a more C++ object oriented way of thinking. My class uses glew and glfw. I think that you got my issues right - making a shared library out of a class that runs on a console.