Optimizing redraw


I need to optimize drawing times. I’m using OpenGL in a WIndows environment.
I have a scene made up of several objects. One of them is changed in position in a mouse_move event. How can I

optimize the rendering so as not to redraw all the objects in every mouse_move?
Can I redraw all the scene once, and just the object moved in the mouse_move? How?


If your hardware supports it, I guess you could render the scene once, without the moving object. Then, you could save both the frame buffer and the depth buffer to textures. Therefore, rendering the whole scene would require two texture copy and one object rendering.

Also, have you thought about using Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs)? I was able to render more than a million triangles at 75 fps on a Radeon X800XT PE.

I hope it helps.


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