opinion needed, Collision detection and response

Just get started on this program where I need to develop a CD related software.

I am familiar with OpenGL and only started to discover bout OpenInventor. I heard Open Inventor does make your life easier but I just feel uncomfortable with it. Is it common to other (where u can handle OpenGL but do not have a clue at all with Open Inventor?) And I am new in CD and want to ask you veteran programmer that should I started my coding by using OpenGL as API or just OpenInventor should enough to handle. In my opinion, I guesss OpenGL should survive even for some advanced CD while OpenInventor cant capable to handle that. Correct me if I was wrong. Thanks.

Please feel free to drop a msg(even it is only a line) and I really appreciate all kind of opinions.

I don’t know much about Open Inventor, but I can tell you that OpenGL and collision detection are two completely separate things. OpenGL is a rendering API, and it will do nothing to help make collision detection any easier for you.

Look around on the web for tons more information on collision detection. Good starting points are www.flipcode.com and www.gamedev.net. I’d be happy to point out some more specific resources, if you first provide some more information on what you’re trying to achieve in your application.