OpenXR Support for Unity?

Will there be anything like an OpenXR plugin using unity XR plugin management system on new Unity releases?

I ask this because Unreal has OpenXR support built-in now and Unity is very hush on what they are doing with OpenXR. I have only seen that they are involved in some way with supporting the development of OpenXR. It would greatly simplify my development efforts to support multiple platforms with my apps.

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Exactly the information that I’m in need as well. Unity’s stance seems to be “we have made it possible that somebody creates an OpenXR integration into Unity”. Valve/SteamVR have said that they have moved their development efforts towards OpenXR, and we might get Unity support through that. Other than that, I don’t think we have any idea about this. Would be very appreciated to get even the slightest bits of information regarding this, as I would presume it greatly affects all smaller developers who aim to produce software for a wide range of devices.