OpenXr : Make cube to not move

Hi !

I have an OpenXr scene with a cube which moves when I turn my head with my headset.
That’s like the cube is attached to the headset.
However, I want to walk around the cube and make it not moving.
I don’t know hot to do that…

Do u have any idea ?
Can u help me, please ?

Thanks a lot for answers !

You are presumably rendering the scene in view space. You instead need to render the scene in stage or local space, which means you’ll probably need to locateViews with respect to stage or local space.

Thanks. I’m using Stage space and it works.
Now, I want to change my coordiantes system.
To do that, I used GetXrReferenceSpaceCreateInfo.
However, it doesn’t work. I want to make 2 rotation, about x and y axis but with 2 rotations, the check of the XR_RESULT failed.

What can I do to succeed ?

Thanks a lot for answers.

You need to compose those rotations together first.

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