OpenVG Pricing?

Does anyone have some insight on general vendor pricing for an OpenVG software suite?

If have some data suggesting that $20KUS per seat is within reason…does this sound reasonable?

I’m doing some research on embeddded pricing trends and really can’t find anywhere else to ask this question.

My apologies if this email is offensive to this technical discussion forum…I know it’s somewhat out of place.


Are you asking this from the perspective of an OEM or a developer? I’d rather not comment on the OEM pricing (either ours or anyone else’s) on a public forum (mail me if you want to know more). For developer pricing, see for example – this gives an indication of the current costs for OpenGL ES (you may assume that OpenVG pricing is going to be similar).

Of course, if you’re developing on a platform that does have OpenGL ES embedded (by the OEM), it’s not going to cost you a penny…


Argh. Got both the URL wrong (it should be this). And of course the word in my last sentence of the previous post should be OpenVG, not OpenGL ES… sorry about that.


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