I try to draw on panel, but it draws only the part(rectangle 680x540) of image, another part is black!
This trouble happens only on old integrated videocards.
How can I solve this problem?

Daaam, eto gljuk
You should tell how you are drawing this panel, what do you mean with old, & manufacturer of your vcard.

i815 and older vcard!

In Delphi I draw on TPanel:

BeginPaint (fmGraphicsViewer.Panel3.Handle, ps);
glViewPort (0,

            Draw; //calling display lists
            SwapBuffers (dc);
          EndPaint (fmGraphicsViewer.Panel3.Handle, ps);

If you have e-mail, I can sent “printscreen” with problem!

I’m sorry, but I cant help you with Delphi. Hate it real good But there are some bugs with i8xx series. One of them was connected with texture binding, though the same program didn’t worked on ATI too, only NV. Drivers for i8xx cards are renewed slowly, & if honestly I think that developers will laugh till death if you’ll tell that your game of the year 2002/03 isn’t running on intel integrated grphics.