OpenGL's Suitability for drawing pixels yourself


So I am new to OpenGL… although I fooled around with it a tiny bit many years ago.

What I want to do… is do my own graphics creation. I won’t be using triangles or geometry, really just a lot of pixels. I’ll be simulating a galaxy, which is basically a lot of very distant and very small objects, which really comes down to a lot of pixels.

So assuming I want to generate my own graphics… is OpenGL the right solution for me?

I’m assuming in the future I may need to draw real 3D vectors amoungst the galaxy… perhaps a starship or so, but MOST of the data drawn will be CPU generated into a 2D graphics rectangle, by me.

Here’s my post summed up in one line:

My main concern is speed. How fast is OpenGL for blitting CPU generated, 2D graphics to screen? Is there anything better, for cross-platform purposes?