OpenGLES for generating 3d view

I would like to reconstruct 3d images from a set of dicom images. I hope you are aware of dicom images. I am planning to use OpenGLES for generating 3d view of images. Like I have a set of images as an image stack or image array. I want to generate 3d view of those images in android. The images are the output of ct scan or MRI scan. I am planning to use 2.3 or 3.0 of android. So my first question is, is it possible in android to generate a 3D view from an array of images? Can you give me some hints. I am new to OpenGL. Please help.



I’m not familiar with dicom, but I assume it is some sort of volumetric data set? The first thing you will most likely need to decide is what sort of view of the 3D data you want - do you want to view isosurfaces? Axial slices? Slices at arbitrary angles? Volumetric rendering through the volume?

Depending on what you’re trying to do, 3D texture is quite likely to be useful. It’s an extension ( … ure_3D.txt) rather than a core part of OpenGL ES, so you’d need to check whether it’s supported by the device(s) you’re targeting.

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