opengles display human face in iphone

I need to make a human 2D face to 3D face.
I used this link to load an “.obj” file and map the textures. This example is only for cube and pyramid. I loaded a human face “.obj” file.

This loads the .obj file and can get the human face properly as below.

But my problem here is I need to display different human faces without changing the “.obj” file. just by texture mapping.

But the texture is not getting mapped properly, as the obj file is of different model. I just tried changing the “.png” file which is used as texture and the below is the result, where the texture is mapped but not exactly what I expected, as shown below.

The below are my few questions on it :

  1. I need to load texture on same model( with same .obj file ) with different images. Is it possible in opengles?

  2. If the solution for above problem is “shape matching”, how can I do it with opengles?

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