If i understand it correct, then is the functionality “Window Raster Position” a part of the OpenGL1.4 standard. So what says the standard? Is Window Raster Position available for every OpenGL1.4 compatible Graphicboard, or is it supported only with extensions?
Is there is list, which grafikboard supports with OpenGL Specification?

Thanks Sebastian


window raster position is part of the opengl 1.4 standard as defined by the OpenGL ARB. I guess you mean “what says the standard” as to say “where is the standard defined”? Check it out:

Every graphics card that claims to support OpenGL 1.4 must support window raster position. (But note that this doesnt’ say that it must support it in hardware.)

I don’t know about a list of graphics cards and what level of opengl they support. Your best bet is to look at the specifications of the cards you are considerng. They should tell you what opengl version they support!